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Product Recall : Angel Care Baby Monitor with Sensor Pad

Mums if you have an Angel Care monitor with a sensor pad there has been a product recall in the states : : I rang the uk branch and they are sending me the repair kit (safety thing) free so make sure you call them.  Share this with your other mum friends. 


  • Ive bought one of these for my baby due next month. What is the repair kit for? Do you know whats wrong with them? Thanks.

  • It's something to do with the cable that goes into the sensor mat - two babies managed to pull it into the cot and were strangled to death - very sad - and a couple of other babies pulled the cord into the cot but luckily weren't injured. I called Angel Care directly on 0845 009 1789 and they will send a safety repair kit, I think it's some kind of rigid cord cover that fits over the wire. They now have some info on their website if you google Angel Care Uk and an email address to contact for the safety repair kit. In terms of how the monitor works, it's brilliant and we've never had any problems with it so don't worry that you've made a wrong choice hun.  X

  • Wow am very grateful for this info!x

  • Hi Guys

    I was recommended a Snuza Hero after hearing about this product recall. The Snuza Hero does the same as Angelcare but without the Wires and Cords


    Hope this helps

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