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funny textures

My lo is now 13 months and Im introducing him to more foods that we eat as a family. Although he eats most things and is great at trying new flavours he really cant get the hang of rice! Its like he forgets how to chew and he just sticks his tongue out covered in rice! Not a pretty sight. Are there any textures that your little ones are not fans of? 


  • My 4 year old isn't keen on omelette or mashed potato lol she prefers crunchy stuff and meats she can chew on

  • My little one is 13 months and he goes through phases of not liking lumpy food with smooth sauces! He pushes out the bits with his tongue. Like pasta bits in sauce, he i will push the pasta out. But other days he will chew and eat it! He also doesn't like cereal in milk, but will eat it dry.

  • I'm the same with cereal and eat mine dry! Marley will eat pasta if I chop it up small but chucks it on the floor if its in whole pieces. 

  • My 21 month old wont eat potatoes but will eat potato waffles!! And she also won't eat mushrooms. I have to put both down to texture rather than taste.

    She is a pasta monster image

  • Mushrooms is a common one I think! My son has been funny with bolognase and scrambled egg so gave them both a break for a while but he's eaten bolognase after a couple of months which is good!!

  • We had beef stew on Friday night and my little girl turned her nose up at the carrots!!! Tonight we had chicken casserole and she are her own carrots and mine and my husbands. She makes me laugh image x
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