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Breaded Foods

My little one does not like eating foods that are breaded (fish fingers, breaded vegetable fingers and nuggets and fish pieces). He will pick it up to eat and take a bite and push it back out! But he will eat the filling inside if I take off the breaded coating. Does any have the same problem or any ideas of how to get little on the eat breaded food!


  • Do u make ur own? I find if u make ur own breadcrumbs they're a lot finer than shop brought ones and maybe he won't pick them off. U can also control how much u put on as well. My lo used to do this but loves anything breaded and crunchy now I think she just grew out if it.

  • My lo hasnt started doing this yet and will eat breaded foods but I know a couple of kids that used to do this and they just grew out of it so hopefully its just another stage.

    Another bonus of making breadcrumbs is that you can add more favours such as garlic or a little chilli to make it even more tasty image

  • Yeah I love chilli flakes in my breadcrumbs. If you put a chicken stock cube crumbled up in them it tastes just like KFC lol

  • What a great idea!! Ill be trying the chicken stock cube image

  • My little girl is the exact same. Weekly I burn my fingers as I peel (and eat!!) the breadcrumbs off her fishfingers. Normally she is so unfussy but breaded food is a no no in this house at the moment and has been since been for the past 12 mths (shes now 21 mths!!). If any of the above work will you let me know. Thanks xx

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