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As my little one is now 13 months I am thinking of introducing honey into his diet. I am a bit nervous because of it being one of the foods not recommended for under 12 months because it contains bacteria. How did you introduce honey and what honey to start with (normal shop brought honey, local honey or manuka honey)?


  • How about normal shop brought runny honey on toast? Or a little mixed in with cereal or yoghurt? As long as u do it gradually a little at a time he will b just fine I'm sure 

  • Ive not introduced my boy to honey yet either so I would love to hear how you get on. Like LH86 said, I think mixed with yoghurt is a good idea then you can add as little or as much as you like 

  • I gave him honey mixed into his readybrek and he enjoyed it and finished it all off. He has had it on toast as well. happy that he didn't get bad reaction!

    Jodie-Lou have you tried yet?

    will experiment with the yogurt and honey and some fruit.

  • No not yet, I was waiting to hear how you got on. Glad he liked it image I think I might try mixing it with porridge too 

  • Try some honey roasted carrots and parsnips..they always go down a treat and are a good finger food. Honey and blueberries/raspberries with porridge is always a favourite with my girls as are baked apples and seasonal fruit with a drizzle of honey and dollop of yoghurt! image

  • Flo really likes honey on toast and honey sandwiches. I have also mixed it with natural yogurt and fruit. Yum yum yum for me too!

  • Finally tried him on honey but started with honey roast parsnips image something he could enjoy with the whole family and they went down a treat

  • I'm not a fan of honey personally but my eldest little girl had a month of colds and coughs before Xmas so I thought some honey in her diet might help her immune system. She has it on her weetabix in the mornings now and also has it on her toast. Shes a huge fan and loves asking for her honey now image Shes also not had a cold since eitherimage

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