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Bulk cooking

I have been back at work 1.5 months and I am finding it very difficult in the evenings to juggle cooking lovely meals for my little one in a hurry.

I was thinking that I will start cooking up sauces that I can freeze as one meal sauces. So plan for Sunday is to cook a tomato sauce and a tomato and spinach sauce (this I can use by adding pasta with veg, serve with fish), and a cheesy white sauce (serve with fish, add pasta and tuna).

Then during the weekdays I can get a sauce pouch/block out the freezer before going to work (let it defrost) and then after work I can boil fresh veg and pasta etc and add sauce. I think this will take the stress of giving little one healthy and nutritious meals in a hurry!


  • I used to do this all the time with my mashed veggies and shredded chicken, saves a lot of money and you can keep for up to 3 months. 

  • Harjeet, this is exactly what I do. I'm not back at work yet but if we are busy and out all day I take a meal out of the freezer the night or morning before. I often cook one pot meals and freeze small portions, like cottage pie, fish pie, chilli etc. If you defrost them in the fridge you will have 48 hours to reheat them.

    I make sure I have always got a few different dishes stored up if we are unable to cook fresh.

    Hope being back at work is ok, I only have 6 weeks left until I go back image x

  • Having food and sauces has been a great help with getting little one fed after work. there is so little time from picking him up to get him to bed! it is a real juggle going back to work.

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