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1st Birthday Cake


This is a little premature but my LO will be 1 in February and I am already getting excited about her Birthday Cake. I'm not sure if I will make her one or buy one, but I am very, very excited!!

I would love to see pictures and hear about what kind of cake you made/bought for your LOs. Please tell me your stories/show me your pictures! It is such a momentous occasion: the first cake!!




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     A friends mum made this cake for Marleys first birthday party. Its four layers of chocolate sponge with chocolate fudge cream! Not ideal for babies and toddlers but I loved it!! image

  • Wow Jodie-Lou, that is amazing!!! And don't worry about it not being 'child-friendly' the first birthday (and cake) is all about the parents celebrating that they made it through the first year!! Ha ha.

    Ladies- I want (need) inspiration, please post your Los birthday cakes, ideas/tips!!

    Thanks x x

  • We got a egg free cake because we had the party at the Sikh temple. The cake was 14" square and had a photo of postman pat on it. It was lovely and soft vanilla sponge and was fresh cream.

  • It was Flo's 1st birthday in November, and I made a chocolate hedgehog cake image I will post a photo later.

    I have to admit Flo had a little taste, but it was definitely more about Mum, Dad, big sisters and grandparents having cake!

    I did stack and cut the cakes to make the shape, but I think I might invest in some of these tins ( for next time! 

  • Harjeet and KRH lets see some photos please!! You're right, it is totally about Mum, Dad, Grandparents and of course the photos you keep and show your LO when their older.

    I think it's ok for you LO to taste a bit of cake, after all it is their birthday. Ha ha. x x

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     The cake! Plus the letters were lemon biscuits which Flo really enjoyed image

  • That looks so pretty image

  • Wow that is a good cake KRH. It looks amazing! We only have 4 weeks left until the 'big day'. I am starting to think about what type of cake to make but still want some ideas, inspiration and photos please!!

  • I made my daughters 1st birthday cake. I bought 2 half moon lemon cakes from Tesco & a lemon sponge & put them together & decorated them with buttercream & sweets.

    Here's a before 


    & after




  • Wow Blackcat, that is amazing! It looks lovely. I just fancy a slice of cake! x

  • Thanks Nicola. It was fun & easy to do, easier than attempting to actually make the cake. My daughter will be 2 in 3 weeks time, so nearly time to do another 1!

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     This is the cake I made my gorgeous boy for his first birthday in November just gone.  It was plain sponge cake with buttercream and royal icing image.  x

     P.s sorry if the pic is massive - first time uploading a picture. 


    Loving the other cakes - lots of clever mummies.

  • My little one would love that Thomas cake (note-idea for second birthday image) toot toot!!

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    I had the NCT girls and babies over just before Christmas, we didn't have a cake but I write the names of all the babies on a handful or Organix gingerbread men. I thought is was a great idea for a party.

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    This was my little girls cake for her first bday. She LOVES her teddy and I would love to say that I made it but I didn't . It tasted mmmmmmm



  • Great cakes ladies. Can I share my 2nd birthday cake? I did a hungry caterpillar theme so did all the food that the hungry caterpillar ate & this was the cake which was a lemon drizzle cake with red icing for the head & then lots of fairy cakes iced in cream butter cream.





  • Blackcat - that is such a good idea, I may well do the same next year. x x x

  • Thank you all so much for the pictures and advice. I can’t actually believe that Annabel has turned 1!! the year has gone by so quickly, it really has. anyway I did it, I made her her first cake. I was a little disappointed with the final result as it didn’t look as spectacular as I’d have hoped, but to be honest my cakes never do! And even if i say so myself it tasted very good!!!

    It had four layers of vanilla sponge, with homemade mixed berry jam and a butter cream filling. I expected to have some left over, I wanted to save a slice for an elderly neighbour - no such luck it was all eaten!! 








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     4 layers of sponge. 



     Me and Annabel enjoying a slice of her cake. (Sorry upside down, I have a new computer and can't quite work out how to use it) x x 

  • Wow! I remember 'our' first brithday. I was really nervouse before it because I decided to prepare everything by my own. I baked a birthday cake and I decorated house. I bought labels and cards some beverages and food labels and cards because each guest got a small gift from my baby girl.  

    Everything went ok but I remember that before it I also got heart attack image




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