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Any tips on getting a toddler to go to sleep on her own again?

Hi everyone My dd used to be such a great sleeper. She was breastfed until 6 months but regardless she slept most of the night from an early age and from 4 months she has been able to put herself to sleep. She is now 26 months and it seems since the disruption of Christmas/birthday and 2nd molars and chicken pox she is unable to put heraelf to sleep. We used to be able to kiss her goodnight and leave the room, closing the door for her to fall asleep on her own. Since the beginning of January this has not been the case. We have to stay with her resting a hand on her back until she falls asleep. This can range between 10 minutes and 2 hours. We can't leave her to cry it out as she is in a toddler bed so she gets out and has a tendency for self harm, ie banging her head against a wall if we leave her. This has caused quite bad bruising when we started this process as we didn't know she had done it. Now we can't leave her. I have another baby due in a few months and I don't relish the thought of trying to deal with a newborn whilst putting my toddler to bed. So has anyone got any useful advice or tips? Thanks x


  • How about singing a couple of songs while stroking her back and slow it down gradually and when you feel her relaxing stop, whisper goodnight and leave the room while she is still awake but too sleepy to care.

    Sounds like something to try. Just make sure you dnt seem anxious when leaving that she might take offence.

    Maybe even going to yr room and humming in there so she know that you are still near... or even if you want a amaller step the first night go and sit the other side of her room with a book once you finished relaxing her ?
  • Offense? Wasnt what I typed.. or meant to lol.. meant so she doeant pick up on u being tense . Xx
  • If she likes that then you gradually spend less time singing, or change it to a story instead. Dads have more relaxing voices apparently. I dunno, its just with the hand on her back it seems like a progression from what she gets already to a way to falling asleep without the physical contact. X
  • Thankyou for your reply Samantha. I think we're going to try standing by the door and waiting there until she starts to drift off. Trying to show we are still there but also have a little distance and gradually increase the distance to outside the door but with the door still open.
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