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When did you LO start to feed them self?

HI all, 

I was just wondering when your LO started to actually feed them self? I don't mean with you loading the spoon, but them actually putting the spoon/fork in the bowl and then into their mouth. I know that all children are different and that each do things in their own time, but was just wondering.

Annabel currently has the loaded spoon given to her, and then rams it into her mouth or tips it on the floor (depending on her mood!!). So we are not quite there yet.  


  • I can't remember exactly as I have a terrible memory but my daughter was definitely doing this when my son came along when she was 15 months old.  So I think it must have started around 13/14 months old but I put this down to nursery, she was there full time and they really encourage independence and feeding themselves.  Saying this my son is now 11 months and I think it will be a while before he's got the dexterity to do it himself.

  • My son has been feeding him self for about 1 month now, he is 18 months old but even now some times he will still go back to using his hands, i think every child is different xx

  • We did BLW so my daughter attempted to self fed herself from 6 months. I can't remember what age she was able to use the spoon without being preloaded at all but around 9 or 10 months then using a fork from around 12 - 13 months but I guess all children are different

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