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Bed time feeding.

What time is your Lo’s last meal before bed? I am still giving Annabel dinner at about 18:30, bath stright after and then bottle before bed. At times she can be a bit unsettled when going off to sleep, I worry it might be because she has just eaten. I just can’t seem to get dinner into her any earlier?

What time do yo give the last meal? Does anybody else give it so close to bed? Or am I just worrying?


  • We eat as a family so eat dinner anything from 6.30-7.30 so my toddler often goes to bed within half an hour or so of eating & I don 't think it's caused any problems

  • I try to give the girls their dinner before 5:30 in an evening for this very reason. I don't like going to bed with a full belly so I assume they are the same. Especially as my youngest (10 mths) sleeps on her belly. However there are at least 2 evenings a week that they will still be eating at 6:30 and then be in bed by 7:30. I've never really noticed that it affects them except before hand when they are hungry because I'm running late with their dinner again!! image

  • My two have tea at nursery around 4pm and i usually don't feed them again apart from milk at bedtime.  Recently though we've got into the habit of having raisins or a couple of rice cakes when they get home.  But they both sleep through ok.

    At weekends I tend to do it about 5pm or later and not rush because we're out or just then it's closer to bedtime so less time we have to entertain them for afterwards!!

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