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Stopping eating

My lo was a really good eater up until about a year old his fussiness for food has grown a lot over the last two months and now I'm getting worried, he manages breakfast (weetabix) and some lunch but refuses fruit ad salad, I manage to get in to eat a yogurt or fruit pot but sometimes I can't get him to eat it, I don't want him to live off crisps and toast, ad now he is refusing to eat his dinner in evening doesn't matter what t is, soon as he sees the spoon coming towards him he cries and screws his face up, rubs his eyes, Iv tried putting it on the high hair and he likes to feed it to himself but I know it's only a fraction of what he used to eat the rest is n the floor, he's still running about and is happy but not as content as he used to be he wakes up a lot earlier and I can tell he is hungry, he has only two bottles, morning and night, recently Iv replaced hat he's not eating with some milk because he's literally eating next to nothing, I just don't know what to do x


  • If your worried go to the health visitor. But personally if he's still full of energy I'd not worry I've got 3 girls and my eldest was a nightmare not fussy just only ate tiny amounts. My youngest will eat loads at breakfast hardly any lunch or tea and is fine.
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