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Is Tech. really good for our children or not?

Personally I haven't given my 27 months old any real access to my laptop except watching the occasional short video that friends have put on facebook. I don't own a tablet or a smart phone (my hubby has a smartphone but she doesn't play on it). Although, having said that, I'm currently pregnant with no 2 & have felt absolutely shattered so she has watched a lot of tv recently which I'd rather she didn't do but sometimes you have to do things that are not your preferred parenting method. You have to do what feels right for you.


  • I am totally agree with you. But I think that we can use the tech. for our kinds benefits also. sometimes I compare my childhood with my son's and realized that his brains are working more complicated than mine and he can make the connections between the situations much more easy than I was. I believe that all these can be possible thanks to Tech. devices around him. So, If we can use these devices without exaggeration. they will really help our babies developments.

  • Of course. I'm also a primary school teacher & we're currently looking at the new curriculum for September & a lot of it is about how our nation has changed & that the lives that our children will be living in will be far different from the world we grew up in. It's a scary thought but we were told that we're teaching children to prepare them for jobs that may not even exist currently & a lot of us our trying to get our heads into the new IT curriculum of teaching programming and use of blogging & social media. I'm just so old fashion that I guess I haven't embraced the new technological world as much as I should've!!! One day I will (& being married to an IT professional should help my daughter & hubby will make sure I'm not holding her back!!!)

  • Well if they don't overdo the technology thing it should be fine image make sure they use it supervised and maybe only half an hour a day image


  • My 20 month old is allowed the tv but we only allow cbeebies because I find it more educational at her age although there are a couple of programs we don't allow her to watch on it (Rastamouse). I find she has picked up so much from it and for her age is fantastic with numbers because of it.

    I have a tablet and have downloaded some baby friendly apps (bubble popping) which has been good for hand eye coordination but to be honest she hardly ever plays on it.

    I have recently bought her lots of paints and playdoh etc to encourage more creative play and we do have a night time routine which includes choosing a book to read. We also move living room furniture and have sing song and dancing sessions. 

    I don't think you can completely discourage technology because (unfortunately) today's generation are growing up surrounded by it but at this age, with daughter I don't feel it's necessary to use tablets and mobiles.  I really would rather she had fun by good old fashioned toys, books and imagination.Im sure there will come a time much sooner than I would like,  that I'm asking her to put her mobile away! 

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