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Tummy bugs and milk

Hi, Annabel has had a tummy bug, she has been passing really pale, runny, and smelly yellow poos. She has had it about a week now with two days of vomiting. I have been giving her loads of fluids to stop her getting dehydrated. I was giving her extra milk too, as I thought this would help build up her strength up and settle her tummy, but the GP told me to hold off diary products for a while (just give normal amount of milk, or water the milk down to half water half milk). 

I had never heard this before, I would have thought the milk and dairy products would have helped?

Has anyone else been given advice like this? Or any other advice for helping with tummy bugs in the toddler?


  • I know this is what they recommend in adults but sometimes the advice varies from doctor to doctor.  My friend was told to almost starve it out just giving toast and water then I was told to carry on with milk!  

    Have you tried dioralyte?  When my kids are sick or have things the other end I tend to give this in their bottle.  It's to help stop symptoms but also have the right mix of salts etc to prevent dehydration.  I gave it to my son last week when he was ill instead of his milk (so about 3 times a day) for one day.  Might just help flush what ever it is out of her system?

  • Thanks Mummy Swan, dioralyte is for dehydration and is brilliant if your Lo is poorly. Annabel had a dodgy tummy for about a month, we had to send a stool sample the hospital for testing.

    After about 4 weeks of constantly loose, smelly poo the doctor decided she had got a post tummy bug lactose -intolerance. I have kept her off milk for almost 2 weeks and she seems to be getting a bit better, I put her on soya milk. I am slowly going to start to introduce milk and lactose back into her diet but will be cautious.

    Apparently it is really common for lactose intolerance post a tummy bug. -The things you learn as a mother  image

  • This is interesting to read as Austin is in a really similar situation with loose nappies and bit of sickness. but he's already on soya milk - reckon he might have picked sone other type of intolerance though. Will mention this to the doctor when I see her x

  • I think they used to advise that if they have loose nappies to stick to dry foods to help ''dry out the tummy' my understanding now though is that you feed as normal and that dependent on the amount of vomiting / loose nappies will depend on the next course of action. But like Mummy Swan said, its i dependent from Dr to Dr.  I hope shes all better now xx

  • Think we'll be trying the dry food as he keeps being sick and i'm at a loss as to what's wrong!

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