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how to keep a toddler amused on a long car journey

Hi. My 21 month old gets very tetchy quickly on a car journey. Any suggestions for entertainment (not a DVD player).

Thanks in advance



  • Food, CD's & books work for my toddler. We regularly do a 3 1/2 hour to my family & these work for my 27 month old (I'm not keen on the idea of dvd players in cars). We also try to time going on the road when she has a nap! Good luck x

  • Thanks. We try the nap thing, but he is settling into a new nap schedule and is a bit hit and miss. He is ok if someone sits in the back with him, but I get car sick so then have to drive! I shall try CDs though, he loves music and I love a sing a long! x

  • Sorry, forgot to come back to this, how are the car journeys going?

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