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Night Terrors & Sleep walking


My youngest DD who is two, has been suffering from terrible night terrors lately, as well as sleep walking (we have found her standing next to her bed and in the middle of the room), it has been quite intense. She has also been talking in her sleep, at first it is nonsensical and she does not respond to me, but then becomes clearer and can answer my questions but still fixed in her dream world (ie. i ask if she is ok and she says 'yes but i can't finish this puzzle' where is the box!?'). She is also waking in the night asking for me several times, and not sleeping as well as she used to (although she has always woken in the night since she was a baby) She and my eldest have both suffered from minor terror episodes before, but not to this extent. It actually began when we were visiting family and i was wondering if it was the change of sleeping environment, but she has been there many times and slept like a log! I was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same with their little ones? Its so distressing seeing her so upset in her sleep.


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