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Mums of toddlers - when do I move to pullups please?

Hi everyone, please can you guide me. I have two girls, one 6 and one 21months. I can not for the life of me remember when to move from nappies to pullups with my toddler? Any help would be great! BTW she's no where near potty training...



  • I found it best to wait til they show an interest and an inclination to try the loo then use them as an in between a nappy and pants as it still gives them comfort and control.

    So watch for when she gives you the signs she wants to try and then try swapping her but theres defo no rush at 21 months x

  • Excellent thanks so much busymamma x

  • Hi Mrsg

    I've just joined MFM. I never put my toddler in pull ups During the day.  She stayed in nappies until she started potty training. When she started showing an interest we just took the nappy off and went straight to knickers. 

    She does wear a pull up to bed though because she isn't dry at night and now thinks nappies are for babies! x

  • Ha, look at us - MrsB meets MrsG! Love it!

    That's good advice - thank you x

    ps welcome to mfm x

  • Thanks! I know, the MrsB/Mrsg thing made me smile too x

  • My little girl, 32 months, uses the potty but isn't always on time and we get accidents in knickers, so we use the pants for the day time, then a nappy at night. We only started usingthe pants when she started usin the potty. Once she's completely dry during the day, we will go to knickers during the day and pull ups at night image

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  • We didn't use pull ups unless at night or going on a long car journey. We found it less confusing for our little boy to stick to bare bottomed or pants once we started potty training. I know its a faff but they do "get it"much quicker then

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