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Birthday Present Recs - 1yr Boy & 3 yr girl

Could anyone help please? My niece and nephew have birthdays in March but as I need to get the presents over to Ireland, I like to start looking nice and early!

Any ideas what I can get for a 1 year old boy? For xmas I got him the ELC electronic type toys.....

For the 3 year old girl - she's also my god-daughter so I want to get something pretty special. For xmas, it was all Frozen and Doc McStuffins....



  • Some of my favourite presents that S got for his first birthday were books. I particularly liked the Janet and Alan Ahlberg books (each peach pear plum, peepo etc) and the That's Not My...books. Also the Boy Who Lost His Name book is very nice.

    I can't help with girls though, all my friends have boys!

  • Ahh yes, i love the 'That's not my...' series - I might get some of them. Never heard of the other ones though so will do some googling!

    thanks a mill!

  • Isla is three and she got the  Beatrix potter complete tales for Christmas. The illustrations are lovely and something she will keep forever. Other recommendations would be anything frozen! Cash register, wooden jewelery making set, dress up clothes, costume jewelery, scooter x

  • The boy who lost his name book is personalised, it's truly lovely!

    The peekaboo noise books are good too for 1 year olds.

  • Thanks all!

  • We found jigsaws a great gift at 1 - either 2 piece jigsaws (I think orchard toys make good ones), or 1 piece wooden jigsaws.

    My 3 year old niece loves imaginative play, crafty stuff, stickers, dress up (frozen dress?!). I'm planning on getting her a flower press for her 4th birthday which I think would be a nice 'special' gift.
  • Ahh yes, jigsaws, will defo include them! Thanks!

  • Books are fab for both ages. My daughter is about to turn 3 on Monday (eeek!) & we've got her a few games, a marble run, dominoes, a magnetic board with letters & numbers & a frozen dress. We also got her a kiddizoom camera for Christmas but haven't used it much yet. Orchard make some great games. Good luck with your search

  • Personally I always love to buy a gorgeous outfit or two in a bigger size. I think outfits get forgotten about as they get older, and toys are sometimes bulky/duplicated.

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