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First hair cuts - when and how!?

O's hairs getting wild at the back which I actually love but it's starting to tickle his neck as he keeps pushing is shoulders up like someone is tickling him and i think it might start to annoy him in the summer!

But at 16months how on earth would I get his hair cut, he's never going to sit still for that! Do I just leave it until he's older?


  • Z first had hers done when she was under 1 and it was fine.  My H actually took her to the barbers with him!  He just takes lots of snacks and the hairdressers usually gives her a comb or brush to play with.  I'd say try and find someone who's used to cutting little ones hair, the lady at my H's barbers does all the kids, there was a long queue for her last week!

  • E has had a fringe trim thanks to Granny but Im letting it grow at the back!

    There is a hairdressers near us especially for little ones. the  seats are all cars or trains and there are screens with cartoons on! I might take her there when the time comes!

  • We haven't had S's hair cut yet as it only grew after his first birthday and his curls are so cute I want to cry but my MIL is a hairdresser and she said that it's always best when a more experienced hairdresser does kiddies hair. She recommends avoiding places that will pass it off on a junior. That and lots of distraction in the form of snacks etc!

  • Thanks all - I'm not sure I can bring myself to get it cut anyway, I think I might leave it!

    Mrs Bass that's such a great idea, there's nothing like that here, I would just have to take him to my hairdressers which I've never actually seen a kid in!

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