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Throwing food!

Does anyone with older babies have experience? A is 16 months and throws food at home. I think it is for attention, she doesn't do it at nursery or anyone else house. She looks right at us and starts throwing it off the tray. 

We have taken to removing the food. No and stop have no effect on her. Any other ideas?


  • little man went through a stage of this..he used to swipe it all off the tray when he had had enough.....he doesnt do it anymore at 22 months...... just a phase but i did used to say no alot!!  

  • E has done this since he was 10 months. We've tried ignoring, saying no etc and he still does it. Usually when he's finished but sometimes does it at the start of a meal.

    So frustrating!

  • M used to do this when she had finished. Now she generally hands me her plate and then any food still on her tray piece by piece. She hates any food being in front of her when she doesn't want any more. From time to time though she will still throw it or hold it out to the side and just drop it. Usually when she is in one of 'those' moods and she spends the rest of the day pushin boundaries too

  • LP O does this sometimes too - i can't give him an actual plate of food or he just knocks it straight off his highchair table. I've realised with O it's if he has alot in front of him he just pushes it or throws it off. We now just give him one or two pieces of food at a time and he eats it ok. He will still throw it off the table if he's had enough though. It is mega frustrating - and our dog is going to end up about 10stone at this rate!

  • We've had this with S in the past, you're not alone. Very frustrating! With him, I've found that changing the way we've given him his food has helped, I think he was just ready to progress. When it first happened at about a year, I started giving him a plate with food on instead of dishing bits up directly on to his highchair tray, he seemed to want to be just like us? Then we moved on to removing the highchair tray so that he sits directly at the table. He will still do it when he's had enough though so I just take that as a cue to get him down. I think a lot of it is about testing boundaries though, she'll grow out of it but my goodness it tests my patience when S does it!

  • Ah! There is something quite nice about knowing everyone has the same issue at some point. I really think it's a boundaries thing. We already give her the food in a dish with a spoon and fork. We just take it all away if she starts. I think it rattles me as I hate wasting food.

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