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Tips for getting toddler to go to sleep in own room and stay there?

We took the sides off F's cot just after he turned two. To start with he was fine going to sleep in his own room - we'd read a story, say goodnight and leave the room. After a while he realised he could actually get out and would get out of bed, play with toys in his bedroom or run around upstairs. We were quite firm with him and kept putting him back in his room and eventually it'd do the trick and he'd fall asleep there.

Recently, however, he's been refusing to go to sleep in his own room and wants to sleep on "mummy daddy's bed". My mum reckons he's sensing the change what with the new baby due soon and that we should just roll with it for now and it'll soon pass. This is what we've been doing but also because quite frankly I just haven't the energy to keep going up and down the stairs and taking him back to his own bed. When he falls asleep on our bed, we move him when we go to bed but he'll sneak back in during the night.

Does anyone have any tips/suggestions how we can change this, other than keep taking him back to his room? We've even tried bribing him with a present if he stays in his own room all night but he's not interested.


  • Can you put a stair gate across his door?

  • I've thought about that but I think he'd just stand there and shout/scream.

  • I think a stair Gate might be your only option. Yes, without a doubt, he will scream, but only because it's new. He will eventually learn that he's to stay in his room, but i know it won't be an easy or simple transition.

  • We had stair gates too, the boys used to shout but were ok with them and Flynn actually didn't want us to take it off when he was older lol!

  • Stair Gate does the trick here. He'll probably shout etc for a couple of nights but he'll soon get used to it x

  • Hmm maybe we'll try it this weekend then. I've got visions of him trying to destroy the gate to get out lol.

  • We're having similar issues!

    We've put a stair gate on the door. We've also bought a gro clock so he knows when to get up and he really gets it so it's working well. We also use stickers, he gets one if he climbs into bed and another if he stays there. It's not perfect but things are improving.

  • I bought him a gro clock a few weeks back but he never stays in his bed until the morning to see it change to the sun!

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