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Toddler bedtimes/wake up times

I'm just being nosey but what time do your toddlers (mine is 18 months) go to bed and when do they wake up in the morning? x


  • W goes to bed around 8pm and gets up anywhere between 6 and 8 in the morning.  He sleeps longer at the weekend because H and I aren't up making noise, which is a bonus!  We do hear him wake, but he lies in his bed and plays/chats to his toys for a good half hour before he looks for us to get up to him.

  • Z is nearly 16 months, she goes to bed at 7, wakes up loads during the night :-) and is up for the day between 5 and half 6.  On nights she sleeps through shes more likely to be up around 5am.

  • S goes to bed between 6.45 and 7 and wakes up at 7.15 when my alarm goes off. He sleeps a bit later at the weekend

  • A (21 months) has his bath after in the night garden, so about 6.50, story then bed.  In bed by 7.15pm. Then he usually wakes about 7am.

  • Next time I'm ordering a sleeping one!

  • I have to say, there is a tiny part of me that curses W being such a good sleeper.  I just know this baby isn't going to be and it's going to be hellish because we were so spoilt with W's sleeping pattern.

  • The girls are 3 and 1 now but from around 7 months old both have gone down at 7 and slept through til 6-6.30. 

    Rkb we thought the same as you as Isla has always been a great sleeper but Maya is too so just because you have one good one doesn't mean you won't get another x
  • Thanks all.

    RKB At least I'm so used to poor sleeping that a newborn won't be totally bursting my bubble but gosh I hope they are better than F was. He is much better now thank goodness but still very unpredictable and there is no routine or pattern to his bad/good nights. He probably still get far too much milk, it's still in a bottle and his eating is pretty poor but even the quantity of milk I give him doesn't affect how he sleeps so I'm in no rush to start forcing him to drop bottles. x

  • I'm going to cling to that hope MrsB! :-)

    TP - What kind of milk is F getting? (formula/cows)  W point blank refused milk from about 11 months which was a friggin' nightmare to say the least!

  • He gets soya milk but going to try cows milk again soon and see if it upsets his tummy again. x

  • S is nearly 16 months and goes to bed at 7ish (absolutely no later than 7.30) and takes 10 mins or so to go to sleep once I leave the room after her story. She sleeps til about 7.30am.

  • 7-715 bed time here and was waking up around 6/615 still seeming tired... A blanket over his sleeping bag had him sleeping until 7/715 for 2 weeks but that has now randomly stopped and we are at 615/30 again and exhausted by 11 a.m. NO idea what's waking him!

    Glad F is sleeping better now x

  • 7.30 bedtime here, 7ish wake up for the day, but anywhere from 2-6 wake ups overnight (I cosleep in his room from the second wake up of the night - the first is usually before I've gone to bed.) R is 13 months nearly.

  • Thanks for the replies. Sadly my little ones sleep has gone backwards and we now get a screaming match between 5.10am - 5.28am (he is very specific in the times :-( ). He is still shattered but it's lucky whether I can get him back to sleep or not. I just wish there was a rhyme or reason for the wake ups but it doesn't matter if he has a nap, when it might be, how much he has eaten in the day or anything. Grrrrr. 8 weeks until baby arrives and I'm dreading the balancing act of a newborn and a toddler screaming at 5am!


  • Oh no!  If Zoe wakes any time after 5 I kind of concede that that's her up for the day and dont fight her on it.  We too notice no pattern with naps, food etc, just a lottery!

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