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Toys - what do your 18-24 month olds love?

We have a few ideas for Sam's christmas presents but haven't had much time to shop around for what might be out there and what he might suddenly get interested in over the next few months. He will be 19 months at Christmas and we'd like stuff to last him until his 2nd birthday in May!

So what do / did your LOs love at this age? Favourite toys, books or any other suggestions most welcome!

TIA Smile


  • We've bought W an aqua draw, Mega Blocks, a little tykes car transporter and a couple of bath toys.  We've also bought him a fair few touchy feely books too as he loves these kinds of things.  My mum has bought him a balance bike which i don't think he's that far away from being ready to try going as he's nearly working his trike we've got him.

  • What about vtech toot toot my nephew loves his? He also loves the things RBK mentioned.

  • A (21 months) is furremtly loving his inset trays,  he now knows where all the pieces go and can name them. He's  also loving his kitchen and toy food.   We are often given a plate of toast!

    In terms of books, current favourites  are Spot, the grufalo, and stick man. He's  obsessed with stick man, we read it at least half a dozen times a day!

  • S loves the 'That's not my...' books. He got Toot Toot stuff for his birthday and it's very popular so he's getting more for Christmas. He's also getting some megablocks, Iggle Piggle, a Fisher Price Little People Car, Duplo and an aquadraw.

    He does tend to prefer playing with his big brothers cars and Thomas train sets though

  • Hi Lamby, hope you're well. Still loving your blog :-)

    B is into her books, stickers, pull-along toys, musical things, Duplo and peg-puzzles at the moment. Things she takes a bit of interest in but have been more of 'investments for the future'  are Happyland bits, Aquamat, crayons, Play Doh, ride-on toys and a toy ktcthen.

    Books she enjoys most are the obligatory 'That's Not My...', noisy books, lift-the-flap books and Julia Donaldson books.

    Happy spending!

  • Great ideas, thank you! We have some of these and agree that they are big hits, but I love knowing what toys work for other LOs, it's like a 'try before you buy!'

    He hasn't got any Toot Toot stuff - looks right up his street though so will definitely get some.

    SC - Just looked up Stick Man, it looks fab! Have added it to the list.

    Gopher - Hello! I'm good thanks, how are you and B doing? As if we have ourselves proper little toddlers now :) thanks so much for reading the blog! It's really nice to know it is reaching people in the big, wide cyberspace :)

  • B and I are fine thanks (well apart from the obligatory first seasonal cold!). I know, it's alarming how time has flown! Christmas should be fun this year now these small people are more aware and inquisitive :-) The blog is always spot on, I nod and chuckle all the way through as I recognise our lives in it...keep up the good work!

  • Awe, thank you! That's such a kind thing to say and I am glad it's not just me and the toddler bumbling along day to day ;)

    Yes, Christmas should be lovely and full of excitement with the little people - it's such a lovely stage - my favourite so far I think.

    I think Sam will be a bit like "What the hell is this?!" But also (hopefully) giddy and merry!

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