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Velcro child - what can i do?

W is 22 months old and over the past couple of weeks has become very clingy to me.  It's getting a bit ridiculous to the point that i can't even go upstairs to the loo without him going full blown tantrum at the bottom.  

Nothing H does or say's seems to have any affect on him either and he will stand a scream until i come back.  If he does something naughty, i tell him off and that can cause a full blown meltdown too.  

He's not interested in his dad at all and has to follow me around everywhere I go.  I'm starting to get very tired with this pregnancy (only a few more weeks to go) but i'm not getting any peace now.  I'm a little worried how he's going to cope with me in the hospital (although i don't plan to make a big deal of me going away)

Has anyone else had this problem with their children, whether its an age development stage, or if it's because they know baby will be here soon?


  • RKB..bless you it must be tough for you.....I went through this with little H a month or so a go.....At the time i put it down to him becoming more aware of the situation...i e me and his Dad not being together and going to nursery etc and he was clinging to me all the time we were together in case i left him again......this morning was the first time in 2 months that he didnt cry when i left him at nursery so he seems to have got through it a bit now so it may be a developmental stage but i would say he is prob getting aware that something is happening......but im sure someone who has been in this situation will come along with better advice soon....

  • Thanks HJL, glad your littlest is coming out of the phase.  W seems to be fine when i go to work and my sister is there to watch him, waves us off with no tears or anything, but for some reason he sticks to me like glue when I'm at home.  It's so strange.

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