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Things you say as a mum of a toddler...

So I find myself having to say things that I think to myself "Did I really just say that?" 

Some have been "L, please get your head out of ssissy's crotch" and "L, please don't poke the cats bottom." Haha.

Anyone else got some corkers to share?


  • "No, Mummy can't zip the banana up again"

    "Ooh, look at that digger!"

    "Yes that IS a big poo. Well done!" 

  • Haha, oh that's so funny about the banana!

    Earlier on "L, please don't bite mummy's nose, that's not very friendly"

  • My favourite conversation was with my son then 4ish, 

    Son: mommy why do we have bellybuttons? 

    Me:  everybody has one, stop wiggling your finger in it your going to hurt yourself

    Son: I'm trying to undo won't undo...its stuck!

    Me: stoppit!!! You can't undo a bellybutton.

    Son: but I can undo the buttons on my coat

    Me: it won't undo, sorry bab, its not meant to

    Son: but I'm clever and can do buttons (more trying)

    Me : but if you do your bum falls off!

    Son: what! Really!  Wait til I tell jack at school!!

    Kids eh, just can't win lol

  • Oh that's brilliant! Bet that will spread round his class!

    My LO has this thing about wiggling her bottom. And when she wants her bottom wiped she will bend over right in front of you, grab her ankles and wiggle. Haha. So we have lots of "L, please stop wiggling your bottom at me" haha! 

  • I found myself saying "seth please don't poke Max with that cucumber".

    also a conversation between me and my H:

    H: "where are Seth's shoes?"

    me: "in the tea towel drawer".

    where else would a toddler decide to keep his shoes?

  • LOL at these! 

    Today, toddler: 'Can I have your iPad when you die?'

    Me; 'um...'

  • "A, did you eat the poop?"

    Not something I ever thought I'd say... and for the record, yes she did eat her poop image

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