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hi my son is 9 month old never had a problem putting him to bed he has always went straight over at 7 after bath bottle and supper, but the last week I have put him in bed and I haven't even got chance to get out of the room and he starts SCREAMING he only has an hour on an afternoon about 2 I've even tryied missing that sleep out and letting him have a sleep on the morning I picknhim up sooth him and he falls asleep as soon as I put him down he starts to cry again!! Let him cry for a cripple of mins and pick him up and the same again and I do this for about 2 hours every night for the last weeks any help PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! is it just a faise? Just need some help atm thanks for reading and it's so long xxx


  • I would perhaps suggest he is overtired? At 9 months old my little ones were napping twice a day for 1.5 hours each time. Only at around 14 months did they drop down to one nap a day and that was for around 2-2.5 hrs. 

    other factors may be teeth. Is he teething? 

    Has he started nursery or such recently? he might have a bit of separation anxiety? x

  • He has never had much sleep during the day but I will try and give him 2 good naps during the day, he is teething but he has cut 2 teeth and was quite bad for him but he was never like this and I gave him some teething powder ams paracetamol, I am just looking into nurseries now he hasn't started yet so could be that aswell thank you very much for your help I will try them image xxx

  • That's ok. I'm lucky in that I've always had good sleeps so when they have a blip I find it really hard too as you're just not used to it. 

    it sounds like you're doing the right things to settle him though so I'd just carry on as you are and hope it's just a phase 

    please keep me updated x

  • I will do, thank you very much for you're advise image xx

  • Hi I think it's his teeth can see his two top teeth through the gums, I give him paracetamol and a teething powder, but doesn't seem to be working is there anything else that may help? He has been a lot better tonight only tuck half an hour to settle him so hopefully when his teeth come through he will be back to his usual self image xx

  • Hi I'm glad there seems to be a reason for the deteriation in sleep although I'm sorry to hear his teeth are hurting him so. 

    I really only used powders and calpol. We did have a Sophie the giraffe and just let them chew on some of their really hard toys! x

    thanks for updating. x

  • Arghh spelling mistakes and can't edit sorry! 

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