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21 Month Old Baby boy not speaking...

HI, my 21 month old son is not speaking any thing.He uttered some word like PAPA,DADA, 14 months, since then ke keep silence..He is very active in other activities,Coping thing easily, do new things always.

But do not pay attention when we ask him to speak.Not responding to our call ,but utters tda tda dtatda,ata ata ata ...ofently....He will be going to play group classes from 15 th June .....

His mother is too much worried in this regards.

Please suggest what to do?


  • My Son is Now 21 months old and olny says words when he chooses and never when asked.

    We recently just started speech therapy to help him learn his words.

    The therapist says he is a typical child and not speaking because we ask.


    He says Blaze for his cartoon, mama, dada , please, bubbles and no. but only when he chooses.


    How is your son doing since it has been almost a year? speaking yet?

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