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My son is not speaking more

I've been a little concerned about my son who is 26 months. He isn't talking yet and it seems that all the other children his age are saying quite a few words now. He says 'mama' and 'dada' when he wants to but not that often. I talk to him all the time and sing to him and i know that he hasn't got a problem with his hearing because he will respond to his name (half the time) and responds to noises etc. He can understand me quite well when i talk to him. If i say 'pick your juice up', he will go and pick it up. Or if he's holding something or picked something up he shouldn't have i say 'give it to mummy', he will 90% of the time come and give it to me etc. His understanding of language had definitely improved a lot over the last 2 months but he doesn't want to talk yet!

I have noticed a big improvement though in his babbling. He didn't used to babble very often, was quite quiet. But he doesn't stop babbling now and i've noticed that his babble has developed a rhythym (sp?) now and sounds like he's having a conversation in his own language. I know all children develop differently but it seems that he's always been a bit behind!! Sat at 8 months, crawled at 14 months, walked at 19 months. Do you think i'm expecting too much or should i mention something to my hv in case he needs some help?

Please advice..

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