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Toddler bedroom help!

Hi, I am in the middle of adopting my cousin who is 19 months old. I am thinking of doing his room but I am stuck, can he be in a bed or should he still be in a crib? 
Also what is a good theme, we have a few: 
~ Space 
~ Football
~ Boat
~ Car
~ Truck
Which one sounds better for a toddler? 
My daughter who is 9 month old her nursery is Navy, Orange and pink, no real theme but does have a bit of boating type of theme


  • He should likely still be in a cot (or as you call it a crib) until he's at least 2, maybe a little older than 2. I think it's so nice you want to decorate his room - i'd go for nice plain calming colours like light blue as he's coming from what sounds like a traumatic past (from reading your other post).

  • He will most probably still be in a Cot. My DD is now 2 and she is still in her cot. We are waiting for her to be able to get out of it and then we will convert it to a toddler bed, so it would probably be an idea to buy a cot bed that converts - saves you having to buy two separate beds.

    As for a theme, that's up to you! Maybe that's something that you can ask him about, depending on his speech? If you went for something you could adapt, and then decorating it could be a nice bonding exercise and a way for him to feel like it's his space - so if you go for a blue then he could choose maybe some wall stickers and end up with pirates, the seaside, the sky with birds, airplanes or rockets and space... depending on what he wants?

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