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Prince George 'fibs' about his age, says Kate. Does your toddler make up stuff that isn't true?


We've been chuckling today over the Duchess of Cambridge's revelation that Prince George, who's just turned 2, tells people he's older that he really is.

Apparently, at a sailing event at the weekend, a little boy went up to Kate and said, "Hello Princess. My name is Freddie Wilson." Kate asked him old he was, and Freddie said he was 3 – but his mum, Wendy Maxwell, told the Duchess that wasn't quite true.

"When I said he is only 2," says Wendy, "she said, 'George says that. He thinks that he's older.'"

We know Prince George is certainly not alone in his toddler-ish embroidering of the facts – toddlers love making up all sorts of cheeky stuff!

And that's got us wondering: what 'fibs' has your toddler told? Do share with us anything cute or silly or or outrageous that your toddler has come out with: we'd love to hear it!


  • Lol. My toddler's a great fibber. She has a invisible friend called Jonny who's always the one who split her drink or took the extra biscuit. She wouldn't do that, oh no! She's also told her playgroup leader that her daddy is a fireman. He's not - he works in admin...

  • My youngest is a good fibber she is 5 now but earlier on in the year we went to her school parents afternoon on the wall was her picture and a quote "I am really good at my swimming lessons" her teacher was amused when we told her that Mia has never had a swimming lesson- Ever!

  • When my daughter was 4, she had an arguement with another kid at soft play cause she told the other kid she was 10. The other kid was adamant she wasn't 10.....

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