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Should I have a 3rd baby?

Hi ladies,

Just looking for some advice really, I'm the proud mum of 2 beautiful boys (aged 2.5 years and 17 months) so life is pretty manic.

we went through fertility treatment for our first and then felol pregnant without even trying with my second when our first was just six months old. I feel totally blessed because there were times I thought I'd never have one.

im 35 the end of next year so myself and my husband said that if we decide to have a third we will start ttc next summer. I'm agonising over the decision to have a 3rd if I'm totally honest if we had a boy and a girl we wouldn't b having a third but we would both like a little girl. I honestly think that of I am lucky enough to get pregnant again then I will most probably have another boy and dont get me wrong I would be happy with that It would just be nice to know that I tried and it wasn't meant to be.

i worry I we don't try for a third I'll b wondering what if. another concern is money and how we will manage we both have good jobs but have a lot of outgoings and I don't want to not be able to do anything because we have stretched ourselves.

i just don't know how I'm going to make the decision X


  • Hey! I didn't want to read and run... I too have 2 boys aged 6years and 15months. I jokingly said to my OH that we weren't stopping until we've had a girl.

    We have also both previously said we would like 3 children. I am almost 11 weeks pregnant and to be honest, I would love a girl but equally love a boy- they are so wonderful!

    I have moments where I think we're crazy and won't be able to cope but we will cope because we will have no choice! Financially we've talked about what we need to cutback on and are putting bits aside here and there to try and save. This one wasn't 100% planned lol it just kind of.. happened. Now that it has happened, I am pretty excited! This will definitely be the last one, though.

    Only you and your OH can ultimately decide. If its totally crippling financially then probably wiser not to but if you think there is a way it could work then why not? One last try for a girl lol :P x

  • hi I'm also expecting my 3rd I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow I have 2 boys eldest will be 15 in December and youngest will be 11 in November I recently turned 32 and I really don't mind if I have a boy or girl this will be are last it took all these years to decide whether to have a 3rd as I've had to premature births but glad we made the decision to do it one last time because I would be thinking like you what if hope you make the right decision for you gd luck in what you decide x

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