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How to settle my lg in her own room HELP! X

hi I was wondering if anybody had any tips... My little girl is 23 months old and sleeps in her cot in my room I have to lie in bed whilst she put her hand through the cot to play with my ear till she falls asleep 🙈 I think it's like a comfort thing she's done it since a tiny baby and I'm trying to get her out of the habit but then about 3am she cries to sleep between my and her daddy I know co sleeping is frowned upon but its the only way she will settle, we are moving house soon and we are going to decorate a bedroom for her im planning on letting her settle into the new house for a few weeks before moving her in her own room but I know she will scream the house down if she finds herself in a room on her own I think it's going to be impossible i don't like the controlled crying idea and I don't want to make her upset so any tips will be appreciated thanks xxxx


  • Step 1 would be letting her play with your ear while she settles down but not for the last few moments so she falls asleep without touching your ear. Pull away a little earlier as the days go by. Will anyone's ear do? Would it work better for her dad to do the first few nights?

    Aim that in time she will play with your ear while you read the bedtime story in a chair in her room but that once she is placed in the cot she will have learned to go to sleep herself.

    Once she is drifting off to sleep herself without your ear I would find an excuse to leave the room early. Let her be totally relaxed and about to drift off and announce you need to put the clothes in the washing machine and you will be right back. Go outside the door and when she gets restless come back in. She will manage longer with practice and some night fall asleep before you get back.

    The 3 am will be easier to solve when she is in her own room and your bed is out of sight. One step at a time. I would make a start on step 1 before the move if you can.

    Good luck :)

  • Thank you so much have took a note of this and will let you know how I get on thanks again 😆 xx

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