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Bilingual children and speech delay

Hi everyone!

I'm a bit worried about my 14-month old daughter. We speak two languages to her and lately I've been noticing that she is not like other kids her age. She doesn't understand me. Even simple commands. The Internets is full of topics on when bilingual children start to talk and why they do it later than their monolingual peers. But there's nothing on when they start to understand you. Please share your experience with me. Thanks in advance)


  • i have my daughter she is 21 months old , she doesn't say a word . We are living in Germany so she hears 2 languages as well . She goes also to kindergarten and the kids her age understand their parents but she doesn't understand me when I talk or ask her for something .

    she is all then time not in a good mode 

    I don't know what to do , that's so depressive for me ..

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