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Too much milk?


My son is 17 months old - I give him a 5oz bottle first thing and another 5 oz bottle at bedtime. I've moved him onto semi-skimmed because he is quite chunky and doesn't need the fat.  Is this too much milk?  My mother in law seems to think so <img src='' />  He only drinks water the rest of the day.  Has milk also in cereal, cheese, yoghurt etc....  Thanks x


  • imageHi!

    I don't think you are ghiving you LO too much milk  -  personally I would keep him on full fat not semi-skimmed, as they need it for energy (even tho you say he is chunky).image

    My LO (almost 2) only has a milk at night now (9 oz+), but has it on cereals & puddings etc.

    He may not need the morning bottle tho, so if you think he is a little 'chunky'image maybe drop that one!!

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