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Night terrors

My 2 year old neice has been waking up 2-5 times a night screaming and crying. She climbs out of her bed and has been doing random things. We have gone in her room and found her running into a wall over and over, turning on and of the light over and over, banging her head against the wall, emptying her drawers and throwing her clothes out of her room, and pushing her baby carriage around her room and she is screaming and crying the whole time. When we pick her up she will start pointing to somewhere in her room and freak out. her body is very tense and rigid until we turn on the light and explore the room making sure to check wherever she is pointing really well. We dont know what to do at this point. Someone suggested she may be having nocturnal seizures and i was wondering if anyone that has gone through this has a similar story and my be able to offer some advice to help. Thank you

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