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  • Hi everyone, we hope you're doing really well and your toddlers are behaving (as well as a toddler can behave - mine peeled off my very house proud inlaws wallpaper yesterday...)

    We were wondering how your children't first birthday went? Did you throw them a party or just have a cake? Got any pics you might like to share?

  • Aw Danielle!!! Haha bet they weren't amused!

    we had a party. Had all our close family around and a few kiddys. I think it was too much though. imageimageimage

  • Hi. I'm new to this. My little boy turned 1 on 6th Jan 16. He's a little menace, into everything. He's army crawling and pulls himself up onto furniture etc but not yet cruising about yet holding onto furniture.imageimage

  • Hi Leanne M, welcome to MadeForMums - so glad you found us over here! Your little boy is just gorgeous - what's his name? And did you celebrate his first birthday?

    Oh Essie86, what a smile on his face though! My daughter didn't crack a smile on her first birthday - it was definitely all too much for her!

  • His name is Liam. He has just recently turned 14 months. We celebrated his 1st birthday at home. Just a little get together with close family/friends. Had few party food bits and his favourite programme - a Peppa Pig Cake. Haven't got any pics of that day on my phone as all on camera. He had a brilliant day.

  • He is so lovely Leanne M! Those kids ADORE Peppa don't they - my 6 year old still watches it!

  • Thank you Danielle. Yes he loves peppa pig, when changing his nappy we sometimes have to put it on phone as otherwise find it hard to change him.

  • Hi Leanne and welcome! Your little boy looks lovely! 

    Essie what lovely pictures of lucas!

    we didn't have a party for grace we just took her to an indoor play centre with some family. She loved the ball pond and slides and was running around all over! 




  • Thank you Kara. Your little girl looks gorgeous.

    How many months is she now? Liam loves playcentres. I got one just round corner from where we live. He's just recently started to pull himself up holding onto furniture. Not no where near walking stage. See your girl is walking. How long she been walking for?

    Has anyone seen my new thread on Centiles I've recently started as not seen any replies. Its under toddler chat

  • Thank you Leanne :) she is a handful now and very cheeky! She is nearly 14 months now. She was walking at 11 months so is really good at it now. She can even run lol! I'm sure Liam won't be long if he is already pulling himself up. He just needs the confidence to go for it now. 

    I havent seen your other thread, Ill check it out X 

  • Liam kind of missed the sitting up stage by going straight to commando crawling since about 7/8 months and since then has never stopped. He can sit up but doesn't sit for long as wants to be off again. He's a belly boy. Loves being on his belly. Ever since he started learning to roll 3/4 months. Sleeps on belly, very rare on back apart from doing nappy which can be a challenge.

    My other thread is about mums with 1 year olds and their current weights, heights & Centiles, so a bit more personal. I've done it coz I see Liam as small for his age for height and weight and interested in other babies his age.

  • I haven't actually had grace weighed in ages!! She was always on the 75th centile so there was never a concern with her. Since I went back to work it's just become really difficult to get her weighed now. If I was worried I would of course. She eats me out of house and home and so far isn't a fussy eater (not sure how long that will last lol).

    How does your little boy sleep? Are you still up at night? Thank has the odd bad night every few months which I guess is her teeth but touch wood she goes down while still awake at 7pm and wakes about 630-7am. Which is great as I'm at work 4 full days a week! 

  • Great pics ladies. Welcome Leanne! 

    My other half was 30 this week, we're just back from an overnight in Largs and Lucas was up until 11:30 last night 😴 He's so used to going to bed by himself and falling asleep but because we were all in a room he couldn't sleep. Needless to say he had an early night tonight lol

  • I've always been worried about liams weight as weight has always been slow but steady. He has gone down to bottom of the chart now, 0.4th Centile. He was originally in 2nd ever since 3 months to 12 months. 13 months he went down. HV wasn't worried as he previously had a tummy bug. He went from over 17Ibs down to over 16Ibs so lost few pounds. I know it's common for babies to put on and lose weight but Liam hardly puts much on anyway.

    He's a pretty good sleeper. Goes down between 9-10 as always been a late settler. Have tried early but doesn't always work but still trying. Only really wakes if uncomfortable or got wind but not very often. I'm taking him to be weighed tomoz.


  • Good luck with getting him weighed I hope he has put on a bit more weight. Long as he is eating I wouldn't worry though. Some kids are just smaller :)

    im a very happy mummy this morning. Grace went to bed at 7pm and woke at 8am this morning! She never does it at the weekend though which is typical lol!!

    ive got a job interview this week so trying to research the new role and look after a hyper toddler! Gonna be fun lol

  • Got Liam weighed today. He's now 8.44 kg 18Ibs 9oz. He's 14 months and just over a week. He's gone back into the 2nd Centile. I think his tummy bug just affected his weight as he was still eating. So he's what he should be for in his Centile. I feel more happy that he has gone up now.

    Good luck for your interview. What you applying for?

  • Aww glad your happier Leanne.

    I'm applying for a macmillan nurse, so as you can imagine it's pretty intense! Grace has been a monkey today so haven't got much done lol

  • Good luck Kara! I'm trying to work towards a managers job just now too but it's just so difficult with having a wee one isn't it.

    i was considering doing some messy play with paint this week? anyone tried it, any tips to minimise mess and keep Lucas occupied lol not sure if it's too soon

  • How funny you should say that essie. I was trying to do some interview prep today and grace just wanted my pen the whole time. I gave her a pen and paper and she sat on the floor scribbling away. She paints at nursery but I've never been brave enough to do it at home due to the mess. I've seen online these magic paint mats so it's like they are painting but the brush only works on the mat. The moment they try to paint themselves or anything else it doesn't work. I was thinking about buying one tomorrow! 

    Has anyone else's toddler suddenly become really clingy? Normally I can pop to the loo or the kitchen and she is fine but now she screams and runs after me! She can't even sit and watch tv without having to hold onto my hand. It's sweet but it's full on too! Plus with trying to swat up on interviewing it's been really difficult! 

  • Oh! He got one of those at Xmas - aqua doodle? Maybe? I'll try that before paint 

    Lucas is a bit like that, mainly when I'm in the kitche he wants to be with me. If I close the door to the room he's in he will forget about it unless he's really tired. As for holding ur hand, ive had that for months. That's his comfortee and always has been. Especially to get him to nap. When we go shopping and he gets tired I need to pull over and let him hold my hand until he sleeps. his dad was apparently like it and as u say it's cute but it's also restricting 

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