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  • Grace has abit of a cold/teething now so perhaps the clingyness was abit to do with that too. 

  • Oh and on other news...I got the job woohoo!

  • Wee pet hope she feels better soon!

    well done Mrs ☺️

  • Hi, hope everyone's doing well. I'm missing all our chats ladies! 

    Hows the new job Kara? 

    How r all the little ones getting on? Lucas is walking, washing his hands in the toilet bowl and obsessed with dogs. He also has no fear and isn't happy unless he's giving me a heart attack. He's also such a mummy's boy which dad says he doesn't take personally but I know he does. Still not a single word (unless you count bit and ba!) but he understands a few things. 

    its been lovely up in this part of Scotland the last few days. It's so nice going out without jackets on xx

  • Hi essie lovely to hear from you. It has gone very quiet hasn't it :(

    havent quite started my new job yet. Start end of May and can't wait :)

    weather has been lovely here too. Grace loves running in and out of the garden and it's great as I can get all the washing up done while watching her from the kitchen window. Lovely to hear Lucas is now walking. They seem to turn into a different child overnight once they can walk don't u think?

    Grace picks and chooses when she wants to talk. She can say mumma, dadda, up, peppa (pig), bubble, that (while pointing at something) botbot for bottle and then just lots of baby talk too. Like you say though they understand a lot.

    We are in the process of moving her nursery due to my job change and the staff are so upset she's leaving, I hope she settles in ok in her new nursery. 

    Here is a recent pic. 


  • What a little cutie! They're all such a joy aren't they? 

    That will be exciting! I'm sure she will settle its a big new experience for her too. 

    Were hoping round about summer time, to sort out mortgage deals and finally buy a house. We're both currently saving through the help to buy isa and this will be  first purchase. I can't wait to have a garden!! 

    Heres my monster xximage

  • Lucas has a habit of biting his cot, the bars have a rubber cover but the ends don't and because it's a full wooden panel that has a curve I can't use anything to stop him. i tried moving his cot as we thought he was maybe biting it while waiting on us coming for him in the morning. didnt work. 

    Move now just realised one of his teeth is no longer straight edged and has a bit chipped out (not a huge bit but noticeable enough!) I'm feeling horrible for him, i don't have the best of teeth so im determined he won't be the same. I know this wasn't intentional and cant think of anything other than the cot biting that's caused it. his dad just said 'it's ok it's his baby teeth' yeah but for a good few years yet :( 

  • Aww what a cutie pie he is! Good luck on buying your first home. Having a garden will be fab :)

    what about wrapping some foam or bubble wrap around the cot? Your OH is right at least it's just the baby teeth but you don't want him to damage anymore. Lucky grace doesn't do that. Have you got a baby monitor so you could hear him doing it? Then perhaps u could give him a teething ring to bite. 

    We have brought grace a big girl duvet and pillow today. She seems to love it


  • I think he would bite anything on it as he also bites the rubber section. The monitors on too but We can't hear him doing it :(

    aw she looks really cute. That's what I've been thinking about doing too, wasn't sure if he was too little

  • Well it wasn't the most successful night. She kept loosing her dummy and couldn't find it in the duvet so I was up more than usual looking for it for her. Tonight she is back in her sleeping bag but I've kept the pillow which she seems to really like. 

    Off swimming with her tomorrow. Want her to be happy in the pool ready for our holiday to Spain later this year

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