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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Jan 15 Babies club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading straight into toddlerhood! 

If you have a toddler (born in Jan 15), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome (and they're a nice, friendly lot)!



  • Hi Helen, 

    ive took the plunge. I don't think 'the toddler' has as good a ring to it as 'the baby' does 😂 I'll need to try it out for size xx

  • Wow can't believe she is a toddler! I'm not sure why im so surprised as she is walking faster than me haha! 

  • This year has gone so quickly! We're moving house soon so we'll be having a littleget-together there for Maddie's birthday. Less than a week to go now! We haven't got her any presents yet - we're so indecisive. I quite like the term toddler... it suits her. She hasn't been a cuddly little baby for a long time! The second you sit down with her she wants to be off exploring/playing. 


  • Aww she's lovely Alex! 


    I wish I could share a video on here. Got a lovely video of her walking earlier. 

  • Welcome one and all! Lovely to see those pics - how gorgeous they are!

    And nice to hear from you Alex9! How are you coping with the house move? Is it stressful or are you one of those super-organised, super-cool types?

  • Aww she's so adorable Kara - I love the little bow in her hair! I've bought some for Maddie too although I haven't tried any on her yet. Does Grace not mind having it on?

    We're hopefully moving at the end of this month which is later than I had hoped. We started all of this months ago and were told we could be in by Christmas! That obviously didn't happen. I'm a very calm and fairly organised person - I don't get easily stressed. My husband is the worrier out of the two of us!

    It's Maddie's birthday on Tuesday, unfortunately my husband has to work. Not that Maddie will have any idea of course, would have just been nice to spend the day together.

  • hi all you lovely ladies and todlers! (OMG i am going there in a corner cry it out for a few minutes how fast this last year just went!)

    I am so sorry i have been so MIA but I am moving to Portugal in March so this last months just having to make this hard decision and holidays and work and just life itself it's been insane!

    she is walking already Kara? she is lovely! Leo gives a few steps by himself but is too scared!



  • aww ana what a cutie pie he is! Yes grace is walking so well, she walks so fast it's almost like a little run lol! I always knew she would walk earlier though she always loved to be on her feet. Leo won't be long if he is already taking a few steps, he just needs to get more confident now.

    Grace doesn't mind the bows Alex. Sometimes she realises it's on her head and pulls it abit but I soon stop her and then she forgets again lol! We get lots of people stop to comment about her little bows when we go out too lol. 

    As Ana said happy birthday to the babies who are already 1! And well done to us mums for getting them here. I was always told the 1st year is the hardest but I'm not sure how true that is now I see what a toddler is like lol!! 

  • Frustrated mum here. No matter what I give Lucas to eat he spits it out. He'll maybe have a few mouthfuls and then start playing up and if it's not spitting it he throws it. the only thing safe is a bottle. I know food before one is just for fun but this has only started in the last four weeks so should I be concerned? He also won't drink his water cup. He used to. He's capable of it. Sometimes he gets upset so I think teething?

    He also doesn't sleep great anymore. I suspect he may be teething as he always wants a dummy and if he doesn't have one in he's looking for one. He's going to bed later and waking up through the night and will easily wake at half 5. He isn't getting anywhere near the recommended sleep amount for his age. He's in with us every night as it's the only way he'll settle. 

    really hoping this is all a phase

  • Sounds like Teething essie. Grace did this last week she was barely eating anything I offered on a spoon and would only feed herself finger foods but even then she was barely eating. She was also waking at night more. She has a few big back teeth which have now appeared and she's back to normal now so I think it was that. It's so frustrating I know how you feel! 

  • Nothing has come in and he's fine in himself so maybe its only bothering him when somethings in his mouth. He's back in our be through the night. He sleeps fine in our bed but not so much in his own. 

  • Grace wasn't miserable in the day either, seemed to only affect her a night. Pain always seems worse at night though for most ppl as you don't have anything else to concerntrate on. Perhaps it's another sleep regression if not. Not sure if they are due another one. Graces sleep is great at the moment. Bed at 7pm and up between 7-8am. Touch wood it continues lol

  • Hi everyone, lovely to have you on this new thread!

    We'd like to send all a lovely book for your toddlers, so if you could please PM me your full name and address, we'll get on that!

    In the meantime, we're asking mums that if they could pass on one golden nugget of advice, what would it be? Please do come and tell us on this thread - you might even pick up a tidbit yourself!

  • Thanks Danielle have PM'd you! Really kind of you all! Xx

  • Can't believe Maddie was 1 on Tuesday image she's growing up so fast! She was well spoilt and I think she enjoyed all the presents. A few weeks to wait yet until we can have a little party though - it'll be a late birthday celebration for Maddie and also a house warming party for us as we'll finally be moved! Any more birthdays coming up or have we had them all now? 

  • Lucas is the last one on the 3rd of Feb I'm sure

  • Grace's is this Monday 25th :) actually can't wait!

    I forgot Lucas ended up a Feb baby essie lol

  • Hi everyone, not had a chance to post on here a lot but I still have a look at everyone's comments. Harper's birthday was 2nd of Jan and we had a little afternoon tea party in the house was really nice as didn't want a big hall. 

    Are all babies walking now? Harper got her first pair of Clarks shoes a few weeks back and they are great there's no stopping her now lol! 


  • No walking here he doesn't have the confidence which is surprisingly given how good he is on his feet and walks holding a hand xx

  • Hi Cher, how lovely to see your name pop up. Won't you PM us over your name and address so we can send out your book? 

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