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Help!!  We have recently put our two year old into her own bed.  To start with things were brilliant and she just got herself off to sleep and stayed there all night.  Now she just wont stay in her bed no matter what we do - i have tried bedtime routinue, sleeping with her, putting her back into bed again and again but still she wakes three times a night unless we sleep with her.  I am now six months pregnant, tired and uncomfortable - any ideas?? please someone help me!?!


  • I nearly burst into tears when I saw your post. We have moved our two year old into a junior bed and it has been a nightmare as well. She was climbing out of her cot and had hurt her chin so we reluctantly made the swap. After a week of no sleep we put a stair gate across her bedroom door and employed the Jo Frost "no eye contact, no talking, return to bed method". Now she simply climbs over the safety gate. After a couple of nights of hysteria and 37 returns to bed we gave up and let her come in to sleep with us.She no longer naps in her room but because we are all so tired I drive around in the car until she sleeps or walk her in the pram. She is such a lovely girl but this is awful, I am so tired and stressed that I find myself yelling at her and getting really mad which makes me feel so ashamed and sick to my stomach. For the first time since she was born we feel completely at a loss and as though we are failing as parents. If anyone has any advice or a similar story I would be so grateful, no one I know has ever had a problem like this so we are feeling like freaks. Thank you!

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