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Help!!!!! Toddler screaming at bedtime

Help mummy's and daddy's with toddlers!
Josh has started refusing to go to bed which is bad enough (oh the screaming)! And worse yet he has started doing it at 2am, I'm talking full blown paddy and getting out of bed and running back to our room! Leaving a light on seems to help, could he really be afraid of the dark???
He's slept in the dark from birth and has been sleeping 7-7 up until!!!! He even snook into our room at some point as he was layed out on our bedroom floor at 7am Seperation anixty maybe?


  • How old is your boy?
    Do you have go-grow clock, as they not only help teach kids about when to sleep (there's a pic of a star at sleep time, the sun during the day) but you can also set it up as a night light too - we found this really helped when our first girl was about 3 - not sure kids get it unless they're about 3 or older (heavens knows i've tried with my 2 and a half year old girl!).

    Have you got another baby sharing your room? He might be jealous if so? And that separation anxiety is a nightmare - currently experiencing this when dropping my toddler at nursery!

  • Hi, he's 2 half, and his brother Eliott is 4 months and he sleeps with us. It could be jealousy I suppose, we don't have any kind if night light in his room but putting the one were using in his room tonight, Eliott dosng wake as much now so don't really need it

  • It could be a jealousy thing. He's prob too young for the go grow clock thing. What's Josh's day time naps like? If he's still napping, you might want to consider cutting them down Orstopping altogether (i know - the thought it terrible!).
    Or, night terrors?

  • He stopped napping a while ago, every now and them I will put him down for some quiet time when he's getting grumpy, he usually goes to be at 6, but moving it to 7 with a bed time snack tonight to see if that helps x

  • i reckon that's a great idea - lots of stories before bed, mkae a bit different and see how it goes. ts prob just a phase anyhow, but awful when you're living through them!

  • Hi everyone, just new to this and really need advice. My 20month old has always slept really well untill 2 weeks ago. He will just wake up screaming ( like tantrum screams not just crying) several times during the night. I used to give him a bottle milk or even just his dummy but now that doesn't even work. It's also a challenge to get him to get and never used to be. I am so stressed out with it now and can feel myself getting angry which I don't want to do. I'm just so tired now as my partner works away. Any advice would be great! 

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