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Struggling with nursery!!!

Hi, I'm a 23 year old mum who has just recently send my 2 year old to nursery, she absolutely hates it! To the point where she cries and screams and is sick.  We haven't managed a full day or a full hour even.. One day we lasted half hour before I had to go pick her up. I'm starting to worry am I doing the right thing sending her? I don't have any friends that have children so she doesn't have much contact.. This is part of the reason I wanted to bring her For her to get used to children but I feel so guilty and it's so upsetting for me. Does any one have any advice ? Or anything to help ease her in maybe? I'm desperate ! I feel so guilty and down! 


  • the good thing is that your teaching her although you leave you do go back.

    maybe try some parent toddler groups you can both go to where the children can play together in the hope of giving her confidence, dont give up on nursery though it should get easier as she gets more used to it.  

  • Kids crying through the initial days in the nursery is not a rare scenario. If you relent now she will start using it as a tool. make her understand that it is necessary to go and talk with the people there and work out a solution.

  • I'm a manager in a private nursery and see this all the time. It's hard for children to go into nursery hen they have been so used to being at home with mum. Try doing some drop in settles and go in and play with her for half an hour. It's heartbreaking to see but stick with it as you will see so many benifits in the long run. Try tell them things she likes that they can use as a distraction for her. Sometimes you hanging around will make it worse and after a few times of going away and coming back she will start to learn she's not being left. So hard for u I know xx

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