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Honest opinions. Am I being irrational?

I'd like someone's view who is outside the box... 

Just picked ds up from nursery. There's a door way but no door, with a baby gate. 

(So one member of staff didn't notice we were there but key worker did) 

DS didn't notice us either, he was in his own little world minding his own business walking around. 

And one member of staff had her back to us. I'm not quite sure what she was doing? Perhaps tidying up.

DS was just walking over a matt. And she picked him up quite roughly (not agressively but not gentle either) and moved him elsewhere. Again in quite a rough manner. WTH? 

I could perhaps understand if he'd been badly behaved? But all he was doing was walking around!

I don't pay that nursery to take their fraustration out on my son! 

I didn't say anything. But could feel myself getting annoyed walking home. 

Do you think I'm being silly for feeling annoyed about this? And should just shrug it off. Or was she completely out of order and deserves and a good hiding?! (I'm obviously joking that's the mama bear talking 😂) 

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