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My child will not sleep on a night and is up first thing on a morning

My three year old little girl has been having a problem of going to sleep on a night and acctually staying in her own bed without getting out of it at least 20 times a night . This has been going on for round about five month now .  On a night her bed time is 7:30 , she watches her tv for half an hour and then it is turned off . During and after that she is constantly out of bed and making up excuses as to why she is out of bed . We have tried numerous things such as : •Giving her a big girls bed •Giving her things to work towareds (e.g. A family holiday and new toys ) but nothing seems to be working . Everynight she goes to sleep around midnight but then the following morning she is up at 6 am without a yawn insight. Has anyone got any advice as to what I could do next ,if so it would be appreciated ☺️


  • Hi she must be over tired. You may have already tired this but I would try a change in the routine. Make sure she has had dinner by 6pm if possible so her food has time to go down watch TV downstairs not in bedroom until 7pm. Go for a calm bath to start winding Down the bed straight from bath time a small story like 5-10 minutes cuddles and bed. The problem with TVs in bedrooms is that it keeps their minds active. I do have a TV in my kids room but they are only allowed it at weekends and if I were you I would go cold turkey on bedroom TV until the routine is re established then allow as one offs or when she is playing in her room. I also would recommend a gro clock as you can explain to your child that when they see the stars that means it is sleep time, the stars count down until morning when the sun comes up at a time set be you. That way when they wake in the early morning they can see it's not time to get up yet. You also need to be firm with her after its bed time if she gets up tell her it's night time and time to sleep if she continues to get up promptly return her to bed without entering into convocation.  You will need to stick with the strategy for a few nights before she gets the picture that mummy is not to be messed with. Good luck I hope my advice helps and you get some rest yourself x

  • Thankyou ☺️ I'm going to try the no tv in bed tonight and I will look into buying a gro clock for her ☺️ Thankyou for the advice, much appreciated ☺️❤️

  • Good luck xx

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