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how to wean off the dummy - help


My daughter Holly is 2 in July and i would ideally like to start weaning her off her dummy asap, she loves it and gets a lot of comfort out of it especially at bedtime or when she gets upset.  But as she is moving up to the toddler room at nursery in July and not far from there will be school i can only think that the sooner the better to be rid of the dummy.  If anyone has any suggestions, tips or advice i'd really appreciate it.  Thanks all


  • We weaned my daughter off her dummy from about 2 1/2 after she moved upto pre school.  We only gave her for sleeping.  Then at christmas just before her 3rd birthday we got a christmas bag and said father christmas had to take to give to other children and as a reward he would leave an extra special christmas present. Worked a treat never looked back although she was a little older. It can be an upsetting time for them but the bag thing worked brill. Good luck.

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