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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our October 15 Babies club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading straight into toddlerhood! 

If you have a toddler (born in October 2015), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!



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    This thread scares me slightly! how can our babies be turning 1 in the next few weeks it's seems like only yesterday we were announcing the arrivals! 

    daniel is doing great crawling everywhere and more recently letting go of furniture and balancing, not long until those little legs decide they want to walk - not sure mummy is ready for that! 

    4 weeks to go til his birthday, were not planning much, a day out with his big sister on his actual birthday as that falls in half term week and theN we'll have a little tea party for family on the Saturday! no idea what to buy him as he just chews everything in site! 

    5 weeks til I'm back in work and my boy starts nursery 3 days a week! 

    Hope all the other babies are doing well! 

  • Wow, I obviously know that it's Sophia's birthday round the corner but this has made me realise my little baby is turning 1!!!! Where has the year gone?! I really hope all the little ones are doing well! If they are anything like Sophia your hands are very full!! My youngest boy started school this month and trying to get a routine that works is proving harder than I thought!! Lol. 

    Also out of curiosity how is sleep going for your little ones? I'm combine feeding Sophia because we are still getting up lots. Sometimes 5 times a night!! I'm a permanent state of tired! Lol. I thought formula might help but it hasn't really. Just means I can give a bottle to my hubby and get a break. Which has happened about once! Lol. She has a really healthy appetite during the day and eats normal foods now as she has 10 teeth. Just don't know what else to try! 

    Anyway hope you are all well!! Xximageimageimageimageimageimage

  • Sleep, is that an actual thing Rach?  Daniel is still up 2-3 times a day for a bottle🍼.  Dreading going back to work on no sleep! i can count on one hand the amount of nights daddy has done in the last 11months (in fact I don't need any hands for that!).

    my daughter also started school in sept and we are trying to establish some kind of routine which isn't really happening at the moment! 

    these babies will sleep when they are teenagers! 

  • It's comforting to know Sophia's not the only one who has a thing against sleep!! Daniel looks so cute though so I'm guessing it's a hard face to stay mad at! Lol. I do love getting a quick cuddle with Soph in the night but I do miss my sleep as well!!

    I have the idea of getting Sophia a Pandora charm bracelet. Every year I can add a new charm and then on her 16th give it to her. Like you say she doesn't really need any toys as she's not quite there yet. Thought it might be a better way and it will make her 16th really cheap! Lol. X

  • Hello! 

    Happy nearly 1 year everyone! 

    Over the summer we had a lot going on- Mummy and Daddy got married and then we have emigrated to Spain!!! 🎉☀️👙🙈✈️🌏 Making the plunge we have talked about for a while to be closer to hubby's parents who have been here for 15 years so we can spend more time with them while the kids are young enough!!

    Austin has adapted well and he is growing into the cheekiest little monkey! We are saying a few words- Muma, Dada, Lily, Peppa Pig, mmmm (milk) book, clock and he knows where his head and his Willy are!!! 😂 I was not prepared for the latter! He points at lots of things and loves to look at the bbbbb birds! 

    Sleeping is okay generally he wakes up once for more milk but he settles himself. When we made the move his big sister decided she wanted to share a room with him and she loves being mummy number 2 looking after him. 

    He has taken a few steps but mostly we crawl everywhere very fast and I'm really not bothered if he doesn't walk any time soon as I know when he does he'll be gone! 

    He's an absolute chunk but I love all his squishy bits - still can't believe we had a little boy!! 


  • Hi everyone, it's amazing to see your little ones - my how they've grown!!! 

    Sorry to hear sleep is a thing of the past Abi and Rach. Abi - how you feeling about going back to work? Hopefully nursery will tire Daniel out some more....

    Rach, are you going to switch Sophia to cows milk soon? 

    Cupcakemummy, wow you have been SO busy! What a lovely few life changes you've had! How have you all settled in? 

    And please do all drop me a PM with your full names and address in! 

  • Hi everyone, 
    Today, we're asking, how long did you wait before you went for your first night out after having your baby? 
    Please do come and let us know on this new thread here. We'd love to hear your thoughts. 

  • Aww it's so lovely seeing how they've grown!! 

    Congratulations cupcakemummy!! That's so lovely. And very exciting!! How are you finding Spain? I loved it when I went on holiday there but not quite the same as full time living!! Lol.

    I'm going to try Sophia on cows milk when she's one. The health visitor said they can have it as a drink from then. Sophia has take her first steps. She was so proud of herself!!! As am I of course! Lol. Xx

  • thanks so much for the book Danielle and MFM so very kind of you. we're going to love reading that as daniel already loves his stories! 

    since posting on here last week Daniel has slept amazingly all week (I bet I've cursed it now I've written it down!) 

    not long to go until birthday time, i have no idea what to buy him at all.  he's just interested in tv's (trying to push them off) & eating remote controls and shoes!!! Need something that will grip his attention for a while! 

  • Thank you for Sophia's book! I was going to get a picture of her with it to post and say thank you but she was so tired last night we didn't get a chance. She has the horrible back teeth coming through and a rotten cold that's lasted all week so far! Means sleeping is not happening at all. It's hard finding stuff to keep them entertained so I'm no help for present ideas! Xx

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    Hi ladies hope everyone is well, so as you know Cameron should have been a november baby but came a few weeks early! Next Monday he turns 1!!! Omg just where has this time gone! 

    His doing amazing, crawling, standing and sort of talking lol his got 8 teeth and eats everything in site! 

    Harry turns 2 5 days after Cameron feeling very emotional about this (don't know why!) he just a cheeky wee super star that melts my heart

    Lennon had his 4th birthday in August and we are finally getting some medical testing done for him, his done his first year at nursery and with their help he should Get the help he needs to see him through school no bother :) 

    had a little met up the other week with a few of the ladies which was nice although Cammy and Harry's cried the whole time! So stressed me out a bit! I decided to leave a day early and they where fine as soon as we got home....just my luck! 

    Hope everyone is well and little ones are doing amazing xxxx 

  • Hi everyone, we hope you're doing well? 
    We've just started a new thread about child-free zones on aeroplanes (this is a real thing!) and we were wondering, what you made of this? Please do come and tell us on this thread over here. 

  • Omg theyre all toddlers now! 😭 this makes me emotional. They all look so grown up and gorgeous in these pictures!

    Congratulations cupcakemummy! Hope everything works out for you in Spain. I bet its beautiful over there. 

    Aria has turnt into a right little character. She started walking a couple of months before she turnt 1 so she is in to everything! She stopped taking milk at 8 month, wouldnt even touch cows milk. Shes lactose intolerant, we tried all sorts but she wouldnt have it. Shes a good sleeper thank god! She has 2, 1 hour naps a day and goes down at 7 and wakes up at 8. So i'm lucky at the minute. Although that will all change after christmas and I have a newborn again 😂 Aria's still in 3-6 months clothes, shes still such a little dot. 


  • Hi everyone, we just wanted to let you know, if you have a child aged 18months to 5 years, we're looking for some children to test (and keep!) some LEGO products for us. If you'd like to sign up to be in with a chance of testing, please head over to this thread here. 

  • Gorgeous 1st birthday pics Toni23x! Does anyone else have some they might like to share? 

    Also Toni, how's your pregnancy going? 

  • Hi everyone, today we're talking about experiencing 'a bloody show' in your pregnancy. If you had this, won't you come and tell us about it on this new thread? 

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    So Cameron turned 1 on Monday the 17th was a fabulous day he had a blast and we are own getting ready for Harry's 2nd birthday on Saturday xx

  • Aww what lovely pictures! Hope your little ones enjoyed their day! Sophia turns 1 on Monday so will post some pictures then. I think I'm all prepared! She is such a little character and full of smiles so I know it will be a lovely day!

    Hope Harry enjoys his second birthday Sarah! Xx

  • Lovely to hear from you sarah rowland2! And see how much Cameron has grown - happy birthday to you! 

    Rach2186, please do post pics of your lovely girl, we'd love to see her at her first birthday! 

  • Thank you Danielle 

    im till here just in the back ground a bit more than I use to be xxx

    all the boys are doing fab Lennon has his medical on the 2nd of November so will be back more once his settled and sorted xx

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