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Hi this is the first time i've created a thread so hope i've done it right, my daughter contacted me askng if i know what to use to get poop out of a carpet as my eldest grandson ( 2yrs 6mth ) is getting out of is cot as soon as mum as left the room then going and waking his younger brother up,he is tired but wont stop in his cot and sleep.The other thing is he's removing his nappy and pooping on the carpet so i've been scouring the net to try and find something to get it out.

So any help on either of these would be great please x


  • I hear hydrogen peroxide (available cheaply from the chemist) is good for biological stains like poo and blood, and doesn't harm the carpet (disclaimer - probably best to do a patch test somewhere unobtrusive to be on the safe side!)

    As for the sleep problem - I need advice myself I'm afraid, have a 19-month-old who won't go to sleep til 10pm then ends up coming in with us halfway through the night most of the time! I can only suggest bribery in the case of your grandsonimage

    Good luck!


  • Thank you Tara x

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