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Drive to Scotland with baby and toddler

We are driving London-Scotland (Isle of Skye) with a one year old and three year old - at least 12 hours in car all in. Are we crazy? Am dreading it, anyone got any good tips on how we can keep them happy and stop them screaming the place down with boredom/frustration before we even hit the Midlands??


  • Hi hun, I live in Leeds but Im from Scotland and regularly take trips up there with my partner and toddler (she is now 21mths), I know its a far shorter journey (4.5hrs) for myself than it is for you lol! We have been travelling back and forth since she was born. You will probably find that you wont have to entertain for the 'whole' journey-for the one year old at least- as they are most likely to fall asleep, yay!

    I would recommend the radio being on definately, there is always songs that toddlers love to sing along to! Even get a kids album of nursery rhymes or something. Take regular rest stops, let the kids stretch their legs, toilet, change nappy, drink etc...

    Do you have colouring books and crayons, portable dvd/mp4 player?? These are lifesavers, along with books. Play eye spy, sing 'action' songs i.e wheels on the bus, wing the bobbin up, head shoulders knees and toes.....

    Our car always ends up like a toy shop and rubbish bin, but it all keeps them entertained. 

    Hope that helps some, good luck! x

  • Thanks Danielle, loads of great stuff there. Will try the radio def and nursery rhymes if I can bear it and let you know how it goes!!

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