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I need sleep!!!!

I am hoping someone out there can help me!!! My 17 month old daughter has only slept through the night four times since she was born. I have tried everything I could find in the nhs baby books, and spoke to midwives. She wakes screaming, and will keep waking if left on her own. When it all becomes too much for me, my husband and four year old daughter, I will lie on the sofa with her, where she calms, but still doesn't sleep? She naps once in the day for a max of 90 mins. She is always grouchy and it is becoming more strained as my other daughter had just started school, and is extremely tired in the mornings??? Somebody suggested sedatives prescribed from a GP, but I'm not sure I want to take this route? Hopefully someone out there will have the answer to this dillema!


  • Sorry, I wish I had some good advice from personal experince to offer, but have a hard time with toddler sleeping issues myself! There's some good advice here but apart from that can only offer lots of sympathy! Hope things improve soon.
  • Thankyouimage I will have a read and see if it helps x
  • Aww it sounds like she has night terrors (nightmares). does she ever just wake up crying or is it always screaming..

    I am extremely lucky with my son he has slept through from 9 weeks old and we've only ever had a few hick ups since, one particular hick up was just as i was due to go back to work from maternity leave, he started waking up 3 -4 times a night and i couldn't do shift work with barely any sleep, so we tried 'control crying' which is extremely tough and hard work.. but after just a few days it was all over and we've never looked back.. 3 years later he still sleeps from 7pm - 7am. during this time when Kye does wake up i know its for a genuine reason i.e he's unwell or had a nightmare.

    • First time they cry leave 5 minutes then go in and comfort her put bed. next time wait 10 minutes comfort, etc and increase 5 minutes each time.. the period gets longer..

    It seems a cruel technique but really works..

    Do hope you find a solution soon x


  • After 5 days and nights of hell, Lola is sleeping!!!! Thankyou so much for all the advice, it was a big help xxx
  • Aw, that's great news. Well done Lola! What worked for you in the end?

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