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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our November 15 Babies club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading straight into toddlerhood! 

If you have a toddler (born in November 2015), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!



  • Hello everyone :) 

    so Cammy is 1! I just can't believe we have reached this huge mile stone already! 

    We had an amazing time for his birthday and then 5 days later his brother Harry turned 2!

    house with 3 boys aged 4,2 and 1 is rather crazy at times but so much fun on the same hand!

    we are looking forward to Christmas and ending this year on a high! 

    Lennon has his medical tomorrow to find out if he is on the Spectrum or not...we know we might have a long road ahead but we need the answers 

  • OMG when did we get here lol!! This time last year I was 16 days away from giving birth now I'm 16 days away from having a 1 year old. 

    The time has flown by crazily fast, I swear I've blinked and missed some of it lol!! 

    Hope everyone is well xx

  • Hello to everyone. 

    I'm posting for the first time as a mummy of a one year old. 

    Oh how far we have come x 

  • Can't believe we're back in November so soon! Elliott was officially supposed to be a December baby but had to come a little early. He turns one at the end of the month. Here he is at a Halloween party and again yesterday having his first stir and wish of Christmas cake mixture he made with his big sister. 

    image image

  • imageimageimageimageimagehi everyone 

    We had an amazing first birthday 

    Peter rabbit theme 

    Ended up being 100 people there and I underestimated the craziness won't be celebrating on this scale for another few years. 

  • Omg Alba B what a wee cutie he is! Glad you had an amazing first birthday party :) 

  • imageimageimage

    Camerons 1st birthday was a little quiet just family (well half the family!) but he still had fun.

    has anyone got walkers yet???

    cameron is pulling him self up but that's his lot at the moment xx

  • Oh my lord they are all so cute!! Can't wait to see everyone's photos of their littles ones first birthdays :) 

    Tallulah isn't walking yet and I must admit I am loving it that way - keep my baby for as long as possible!! She walks round the furniture, pulls herself up etc but much prefers a speedy crawl to attempting to walk haha x

  • Wow all growing so fast, beautiful pictures. 

    Isaac will walk holding 1 hand but not yet walking unaided, but like tuturose im happy to keep him a baby as long as possible lol!! 

    Here is a picture of Isaac last night all ready to go out trick or treating with his sister, cousin and the neighbours Xx 


  • Hugo has been walking for a few months now, it made the party much easier because I did not have to carry him and intoreduce him to all he guests! 

    Walking is a whone new leval of destruction, mainly because he walks into our room to wake us up now and to be honest it scares the he'll out of me haha. 

    I really wanted to keep him a baby for as long as possible but he acts so much older I have to remind myself he's only 1 it's heartbreaking. 

    Everyone's babies and pictures look abslaulty fabulous I can't wait to see more of everyone's very special moments. 

    Love to all x 

  • Eliott turned 1 on the 29th, don't have any photos just a video of him opening his gifts. Think he will be walking soon, he's getting so confident! Xx long the photos everyone! X

  • TuTuRose thats like Cammy he is so speedy when crawling lol he is rather clingy compared to lennon and harry think sometimes he gets a wee bit scared when they are running around him, he just crawls to me and cries till i pick him up....he does love to be carried in the carrier which is fine by me but he is getting a wee bit heavy now lol

    Nevesmummy omg just how cute is his wee outfit!!! did he have fun?? i didnt take Cammy out as he takes him self off to bed at 6pm! little lay bum loves his bed too much, so he stayed at home with his daddy and harry and i just took Lennon, we only managed an hour because of the heavy rain we had up here 

  • Hi Sarah, 

    Isaac loved going out with his sister and cousins, I stayed home to hand out seeets to the children that came to my house but Laurence (my OH) said he laughed at all the houses 😊 

    I wish Isaac loved sleeping lol!! He goes to bed about 7.15-7.30 and still isn't sleeping through, although last week we did have a 9pm till 7am and last night was 7.30-4.30 then a bottle and he's still sleeping now at 6.55 😊 Xx

  • imageimageThis is the front of our house decorated ready for Halloween 👻 Xx

  • Love the Halloween decorations Hun! thats Fab!

    Cameron was a nightmare for the first 12 weeks all he did was scream and sleep for 3-4 hours a night! It was such a shock to the system as my other 2 boys slept well from day one! But we have finally got there with Cammy xx

  • Love the Halloween pics! house looks amazing, we found a huge difference in how much effort people made with there houses where we live it was a lovely atmosphere! x 

  • Massive shock for me too sarah as Neve slept through from 6 weeks old xx

  • its crazy how alike my boys look but how different they all are 😂

  • Loving all the pictures!!! Oliver had a fab time at his party!! Still not walking, he will with one hand, he took two steps to his grandad unaided on his birthday but nothing since!! Xx xx 

  • Tallulah had her first birthday party yesterday and she absolutely loved it... princess themed so lots of pink and my mum did an outstanding job on the cake... it's her actual birthday tomorrow so will post more celebration pictures then but thought I'd share these with you as they have not one but two November 15 Babies in them... NevesMummy and myself have become firm friends since joining this forum and I couldn't have been happier that her family could join ours to celebrate Crumble becoming Tallulah and Squishy becomming Isaac! Neve looked beautiful on the day too 😍

    image imageimage image

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