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rod for my own back! (Sleeping one year old)

I know I have created this sleeping mess so no bashing please I'm just looking for help and advice...

will start from the beginning basically I had the most perfect little girl with severe acid reflux, long nights of screaming in pain etc.. we found a solution by swaddling her so she was snug and getting her to sleep in her bouncer first Before bedtime as she's wasn't completely flat. She would then go in her Moses basket/cot until she next woke for a feed. When she got a little older it got harder to get her to sleep so by 5am I'd give in and feed her to sleep in my bed. 

shes never fussed about my bed or wanted to really sleep in it I just did it for my own silly needs Rocking her to sleep in my arms etc

iv tried leaving her to play in her cot, to fall asleep but she will just fight and fight it... she will happily fall asleep in her bouncer WITHOUT a bottle now which is progression as she would only fall once with a bottle while being rocked\bounced but once she's in her cot after I have gotten her to sleep she's sitting up in her sleep after a few hours waking her self up getting on all fours she just won't self settle back to sleep so I have to put her in her bouncer again and pray I can get her back into her cot! I have tried also in my bed but the same thing is happening! I tried rocking her in my arms but she just screams and pushes against me. She wants to be bounced\rocked in the bouncer. 

Its my own fault my baby girl cannot self settle and needs motion to fall asleep.. I have not yet tried cry it out as I cant cope with seeing her so distressed she's been in the same room as me while she has slept due to the break up and me staying with parents so she's used to waking and seeing me and if she doesn't she kicks off. I'm now back on my feet with a two bedroom house for us 

i don't even care if she woke all through the night I just need help and advice with getting her to fall in her cot or going back to sleep in her cot 

anyway so I guess this is a question about self soothing and bedtime routines 

she has a crochet comfort blanket she takes everywhere with her also

thanks in advice 

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