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My baby and my Phone!! Can you relate?

Hey all!
I have a 13 month old son who loves to play on my tablet and phone. I try to limit his usage on technology but sometimes the gadgets come in handy, especially when I need to calm him down quickly. Is there any recommendations on apps which limit toddlers? Or even better how do you control your kids from wanting your gadgets???
I know the easy suggestion is to say 'no' but in this tech savvy times it's really not that easy.


  • Hello

    I have a 2 and a half year old and have only just started using our ipad with her. Luckily for me she wasnt interested before now :-).

    If you have sky tv you could get the sky kids app you just have to sign in with your sky id. Its really easy for little ones to use and she doesnt need any help with it. She has picked up how to use phones and tablets soo quickly.

    We also have an app called you doodle which is really good for her and magic puzzles :-).

    I hope that helps :-).

  • Hi,

    It is really difficult nowadays, as everything is technology related.

    I have a 4 year old and a 10 month old.  My 4 year old now understands that he has it for an hour a day at the most - some days he forgets about it though.  He had it yesterday for the first time in a week!  We set a timer for him, and he knows when that goes off, that's it.  We do try and keep him entertained though and we do sit as a family quite often and just play a game or read books and things - diversion tactics! :-)

    However, my 10 month old is a monkey!  He will grab it whenever he can!  I am naughty though because sometimes I will give it him as you do - just to keep him quiet, especially if we are out for a meal and he is hungry, that sort of thing.  He doesn't actually use it, he just likes to hold it.  Same with TV remotes.  However, I have tried to stop doing that now and give him my keys or something instead (why do they never want to play with their own things! Lol)  Yeah, he has a bit of a tantrum, but I just let him get over it.  With him being my second I'm not bothered by people staring and things, I just let him get on with it.  I think you have to be a bit cruel until he understands there is a limit to using it.  Let him burn himself out, then once he has calmed down offer him something else to play with.  If he takes it, fine, if not let him get on with it.  But that works for me, just because it works for me doesn't mean its for everyone!  Whatever you do, just stick with it and persevere :-)

    Good Luck xxx

  • Hi,

    i do try not let my son play on my phone/tablet but he loves it and it's the only thing that will settle him down. he never has it in the day though. he's nearly 3. X

  • Yes, I also have to share my phone and ipad with my son, I am happy to do it in moderation because it will benefit him in the long run to be technologically savvy

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