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HELP my 22month old keeps hysterically crying and being sick

Hi everyone in need of much help, any advise will be brilliant...

My little girl absolutly hates going to bed, although ive been putting her down since she was 4months she still crys every time to this day and shes now 22months. I always put her down around half 7, and leave her to cry herself to sleep which is now usually within 10mins, but recently she keeps screaming that much shes hysterical and ends up been sick from crying too much.

This results in changing sheets, bathing her because its usually in her hair and getting her ready for bed again. Because shes been sick im afraid she'll do it again and ends up back downstairs laying on the couch with me because im scared to put her back to bed incase she chokes and is sick again...

I know i shouldnt take her back downstairs but this has become very regular now and has happened 4times this week alone. Is there anything you can suggest or has it happened to your little ones too?

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